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This morning, we celebrated the 6th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Round Rock.  Our mayor, Alan McGraw, has called our city to pray each year, asking the Lord to guide our government, our business leaders, our educators, our public safety personnel, and our pastors and spiritual leaders.  I am so thankful that we live in a city where our leader recognize the importance and power of prayer.

In my own life, God has been showing me recently the priority of prayer.  In January, as I was teaching our congregation about our new deacon ministry, I walked them through Acts 6, where the apostles said that they were called by God to focus on “prayer and the ministry of the Word.”  I have always known that one of my primary callings was preaching and teaching the Bible, but this passage reminds us that spiritual leadership starts with prayer – staying connected to the Father, Son, and Spirit every day.

This conviction about prayer continued while I was on study break and read Leonard Ravenhill’s classic on Why Revival Tarries.  One of Ravenhill’s main points is that he believed we don’t see great moves of God because we have not labored greatly with God in prayer.  Now, obviously, praying a certain number of hours per day is no guarantee of revival.  But NOT praying is a guarantee of not seeing the power of God at work in your life and ministry.  In addition to Ravenhill’s book, I also started reading Dr. Constable’s free book on prayer, Talking To God.  His book is really helpful in understanding what the Bible actually teaches on prayer.

All of this has led me to want to grow in my prayer life.  I have always prayed, and prayed daily.  But I want to grow in the depth and breadth of my prayer life, both in connecting with God, asking Him for my daily needs, and covering more things in prayer.  To that end, I have developed a daily prayer guide for our staff and elders, so that we can cover more in prayer AND so that we can be praying for the same topics/people each day.  If you would like to join us, here is what we will be covering each day:

Sundays: church family (elders/staff/shepherds/leaders/needs)
Mondays: immediate family (spouse/kids/parents/grands/siblings)
Tuesdays: missionaries that we support (and compassion kids)
Wednesdays: friends (including those in our small group)
Thursdays: government (federal/state/county/city leaders)
Fridays: those without Christ (family/neighbors/friends/world)
Saturdays: other churches (movement/city/nation/world)

I know it’s not perfect, but it is a start.  Of course, what I’ve been telling everyone is that having this list is not a substitute for listening to the Spirit every day in prayer.  We need to be flexible as God brings people and needs to our minds while we pray.  But, at least, this guarantees that we make a regular habit of covering a broad number of needs each week in prayer.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prayer”

  1. Keith,
    Is there a list we could have of specific prayer requests/goals for the various missionaries we support?
    Thanks very much,

    1. Amy-
      Yes, we do have specific prayer requests from our various missionaries. Hunter usually forwards communication from our missionaries to those who are interested. I can’t publish that information on my blog since many of them serve in sensitive areas. Ask Hunter to send the missionary updates to you.

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