A New Prayer for A New Year


As we enter 2016, I cover this year with a prayer for help with the small things.  Not that I have stopped believing you for big miracles in this life, but that my evaluation of faithfulness in the daily grind has gone up exponentially over time.  For that reason, Almighty God, I’m asking for your hand to bless the quiet routines that no one will ever see but you.  I believe that those may be the most significant moments in the new year.  Father, I pray for…

  • the discipline to get up early every day and seek You first.  I understand that going to bed on time and getting up early is one of those small decision with huge ramifications.
  • the creativity to invest new ideas into my dates with Barie.  Don’t let me get stuck in a rut with our weekly date nights.  I ask for the energy and passion to invest in my wonderful marriage.
  • the compassion for those around me who are hurting.  Lord, help me to see what You see and feel what You feel, and to not miss people in my path because of tasks on my to-do list.
  • the honesty to recognize when my body needs rest.  2015 was a tough year of realizing the limitations of my body.  Diabetes has been my thorn in the flesh, literally.  Please help me to rest and exercise as needed so I can be around for my family in the years to come.
  • the patience to parent well.  God, I get angry too often when the kids are disobedient, when they are loud while I’m craving silence.  Help me to have more grace for them, to treat them like You treat me.
  • the wisdom to manage our family budget in a way that fulfills our giving commitments and regular responsibilities.  I need strength in this area.  It is just hard.

God, I want to see you move in big ways in 2016 – in our family, our neighborhood, our church, our nation, and the world.  But as I get older, I increasingly see my need for You in the daily moments of walking with Jesus.  Lord, show us Your powerful hand in the everyday routine of life, helping 2016 be a year of growth and health and peace.

For Your glory and fame.  Amen.

One thought on “A New Prayer for A New Year”

  1. Amen! Keith you have spoken truth for all of us. So grateful to have you and Barie in our lives and leading our church. Asking our Heavenly Father to bless you and your family abundantly! In Jesus precious and mighty name we pray….

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