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Keith Ferguson grew up in Garland, TX, and did his undergraduate work in mechanical engineering at Baylor University. He became a follower of Jesus in high school.  Keith first felt called to ministry during his time at Baylor and began his ministry career in student ministry. He married his high-school sweetheart, Barie, before their senior year of college.

After graduation from college, Keith moved to Ovilla, TX, just south of Dallas, to work in student ministry and study at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Keith completed his Th.M. in December 2005 and moved to the Austin area to complete Hill Country Bible Church‘s church-planting residency program. After completing this training, he planted Cityview Bible Church in September of 2007, where he still serves as Lead Pastor.

Keith’s amazing wife and best friend, Barie, is a proud mother of six.  She keeps herself busy with ministry, motherhood, and enjoying time with friends.  You can follow her adventures in life on her personal blog – The Ferguson Home.  Keith and Barie have been blessed with five great kids – five sons (Kade – 12, Kamden – 10, Kale – 9, Krue – 2, and Kolston – 5 months) and one daughter (Brynlee – 7) that keep their schedules and hearts full.  Keith enjoys reading (theology, history, politics, and world events), running, dating his wife, playing with his kids, cheering for the Texas Rangers, and spending time with his friends.

To contact Keith, send him an email at keith@gospelrenewal.com.

8 thoughts on “About Keith”

  1. Hi, Pastor Keith, I met with Youth Pastor Jacob on Wed evening me and my grand children and we were very excited about baptism on Sunday! And looking forward to getting baptise. We are ready!At a later date we would like too sit down and talk with you concerning our directions that God would have us to go in. So we are ready! It does matter who baptise us as long as they won’t drop me! lol I am a ministral of the gospel. I love God! I just wanted to reaffirm my faith in him and some things I was struggling with I beleive they can be buried with Christ and raise a new life, a new beginning.A new out look!
    Sept. 29, 2011
    Virginia Willis

    1. Virgina-
      That sounds great. I’m excited that you and your grandchildren are getting baptized this Sunday. I look forward to hearing you share your testimony for the Lord.
      See you Sunday!

  2. Praise ye the Lord! We miss you all so much! I know youare still praying since we been in NC so much is going on. We had death in our families on both sides Today we had a home going for my 1st cousin and this evening Kennis lost his Uncle and then last wed a hometown boy they found him dead at home 30 years of age and now yesterday one of our adoptioned sons in the Lord pass and now my mom sister is at the appoint of death so its been an other wow for us. we were schedule to come back to texas this wed but now ?????? please pray for us it havent been easy for us we been still holding on GOD is able! OHOO we miss beening at church and the children. We have not forgot you all and will never will forget You all has such an inspiration to our lives and still is so glad God place you all in our live please tell everybody hi for us and please pray for us in time of need! and we will do the same for you! just wanted too let u know that all is not well but bye God’s grace is suffient for us! Much Love Kennis and Virginia Willis 512-955-0887, 512-939-4583

  3. Virginia-

    Good to hear from you again. We miss you and your family, and we pray that you are able to make it back to Texas soon. Sounds like you have faced some real challenges while in NC. I know that your faith has been tested, but also that you have remained faithful to the Lord. Keeping leaning on Him – He will get you through this season. I hope to see you guys soon. Much love-


  4. Gm Pastor, Our hearts are heavy this moring, Kennis got word yesterday that his baby sister was hemming in her brain because of her blood pressure was so high, she didnt know she even had blood pressure probelm never went to doctor. We need the chuch prayers and asking for a donation so we can go home they pulling the plug this moring. her brain is dead. Kennis talk to the docotr last nite. Do you think the church can help out some?This is my number for now I had my 2 purse stolen two weeks ago and my other phone to. but the police don’t know who toke it.
    Sisiter Willis


      1. HI PASTOR, THANK YOU SO MUCH JOY FOR THE CHILDREN AND FOR THE GIFTS ALSO. WE WERE OVER WHEN PASTOR JACOB CAMED, SO TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT RIGHT AFTER WE GOT NEWS aabout kennis sister then my sister law call and said her sister just pass that was two in one day! and better yet it was on my birthday! wow what anoucement for today. Thank you for the prayers!!!!!!!!
        See you in chuch tommorw we really need prayer and lift up the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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