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Biography Written Too Early

Albert Pujols is a phenomenal baseball player and a joy to watch on the field.  In addition, as Lamb and Ellsworth make clear in their recent biography of the baseball star, Pujols is strong evidence of the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.  All of us who claim to believe in Christ hope that our lives will declare the power of the grace of God, and over the course of his 31 years, Albert has intentionally lived in such a way to glorify His Savior.

The book covers the details of Pujols’ childhood in the Dominican Republic and how he developed a love for the game of baseball.  The authors write about how he came to the United States to play and how he became a committed follower of Jesus.  The chapters alternate between descriptions of his years with the Cardinals and the details of his personal life – from having children to starting his foundation to working in the Dominican Republic.  I was first introduced to the Pujols’ work in the DR by reading an article in Compassion International’s magazine.  The book fills in the rest of the story nicely.  All in all, Pujols comes across as a remarkable baseball player who has used his platform to share the gospel with others and his money to help those in need.

So what’s wrong with the book?  I’m a baseball fan and am actually listening to a baseball game on the radio while I’m writing this review.  But the baseball chapters in this book are not very good.  The authors give too much detail in sharing the baseball story because they need to fill up a book.  Albert Pujols is 31 years-old and though his accomplishments are remarkable, his story is incomplete.  He has a lot of baseball left to play and a lot of life yet to live.  The authors are introducing us to Pujols and are unable to give us much perspective on his life and accomplishments.

I am thankful for Pujols’ example as a committed Christian who is using his athletic gifts to share the good news of Jesus with others.  I just want this book to be written again in 30 years with more insight and historical perspective.

Rangers Jinx

My dad and I finally made the decision this year to visit the Rangers during spring-training back in March. We’d been talking about it for a long time and decided to actually go. Because of getting to meet the players and see them play up-close, I’ve been a much bigger fan this year. And they’ve actually been good this year – lots of fun to watch.

As unlikely as it sounds, the Rangers have been in the playoff race most of the season and stayed with the Angels and the Red Sox, who are both looking to make the playoffs. We’ve even purchased tickets to go see the Rangers in person this Friday night (when the Angels come in town – could be a make or break series) – plan on taking the kids and everything!

All that being said, I gave in to the temptation to purchase post-season tickets when they went on sale last week. A man has to hope, doesn’t he? Well, since then, the Rangers have lost 3 out of 4 games and look like all the rain in Arlington is getting to them. With only 19 games to go in the season, and being 3 1/2 out of the wild-card and 6 out in the AL West, the Rangers have got to step it up and do it quickly.

I guess I’m wondering, did we jinx the Rangers by buying playoff tickets too early?